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AC / DC Battery Back - up Sirens

For the Ultimate in Reliability

     The  model 16V1T-B is equipped with battery backup and radio control. Each siren is custom made using parts cast from the same metal ingot – this means that the components expand and contract in the heat and cold at the same rate. This ensures significantly closer tolerances and longer operational life. When evaluated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for use around power plants, Our sirens were estimated to have a 53 year life expectancy. ALL SIRENS ARE PROUDLY MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


     The  model 16V1T-B normally runs from 230 VAC, single phase and only reverts to its batteries in the event of a power failure. Perhaps the key feature of the model 16V1T-B is the length of time that the siren will run on batteries in a power failure. Emergency situations frequently come in lines over a 3 or 4 hour period. If the first emergency knocks-out power, you may need a siren system which can be sounded 6 or 7 times before power is restored. The  model 16V1T-B will run on batteries for a minimum of 30 minutes, cumulative time (10 standard 3 minute signals). This is twice as long as most competitive sirens will run on their battery reserve


     The  model 16V1T-B is an Omni-directional siren (Full decibel output in all directions at all times); therefore, you will not encounter the dangers of rotating sirens, i.e. Doppler Effect, signal confusion, or rotating mechanism failures. Because of the basic difference between Omni-directional and rotating sirens, the 16V1T-B would cover an area 300+% larger than a comparable rotating siren at any given time. As stated in the FEMA, Outdoor Warning Systems, Technical Bulletin (Version 2.0),

January 12, 2006:


 For smaller applications try our 7V8 - B and 8HP version of our flagship 16V1T-B AC / DC Siren

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